Guest Bathroom Refresh

When beginning our basement bathroom makeover I started by priming the tile on the walls with the 1-2-3 all-surface Bullseye Prime, twice. Then I painted the tile with Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White two additional times. It turned out beautifully and made a huge difference in brightening up the bathroom right away! We knew we would be replacing the flooring in the entire basement. It’s a walkout basement and is very large and bright so we opted for a light waterproof laminate from Lowe’s and I am SO pleased! Update:it’s holding up really well!

We received the wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals and fell in love immediately. Over Thanksgiving weekend while we were discussing wallpaper with our families we were warned that nothing is harder on a marriage than a wallpaper installation! After we put Sullivan to bed a few nights later we got to work! It was our own stupidity that led to us not realizing that the ceiling wasn’t straight so after applying the first panel we had to remove it and in the process the panel became a wrinkly, sticky mess. My immediate thought was oh my goodness, there’s no way we will be able to salvage this! To my absolute delight, we reapplied it right away and it went on PERFECTLY, which I think is a true testament to how great this product really is! After our first panel mishap, the rest of the installation went SO smoothly. The applicator they provide is super simple and user friendly, the wallpaper wrinkles smooth out beautifully and the edges are easy to trim. The process was quick and painless and the results are OH SO beautiful! I am obsessed with how clean and bright it looks, and check out the crazy before and afters!

We replaced our vanity, also purchased from Lowe’s. This is the one we decided on. We also switching out our lighting for these ones from Amazon.

The towels and accents are from Homesense.

If you’re interested in purchasing our wallpaper, this is the link to it and you can use code mrsjuliemunro_10 for 10% off!

Bathroom Before

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