Endy 100-Night Review

Sullivan has been in his “big boy” bed for over 100 nights now! He’s delighted to climb into his new bed each night (and each nap) and so are we to tuck him in! We aren’t ones to bring him into our bed unless he’s sick and especially with the arrival of Suede, it’s great to have somewhere to sleep or snuggle with him should he need us. It’s also the most cozy spot for bedtime stories and to cuddle up together before bedtime!

It’s firm enough to feel incredibly safe for him as a toddler and with the addition of bumpers and his Beddy’s bedding, he has a very safe sleep environment which is so important!

Especially while I was pregnant, I found my back was often pinched and I was thankful that laying with Sullivan on our Endy mattress did not aggravate my back! The transition to a big boy bed was a bit of a scary one for us, we worried about him falling out of bed, choosing not to stay in bed, or developing poor sleep habits. We have also utilized the Little Hippo Ready-to-rise clock to help make sure he learns when it is bedtime, and when it is time to wake up. We get to enjoy the fluffy, adjustable pillows each night while tucking him in and we love them! Thanks to Endy, this transition has been great, and we are so thankful that Sullivan loves his new room, and new bed as much as he does!

If you’re interested in purchasing an Endy Mattress and pillow set, please use my affiliate link!
*I earn a small commission off the purchase of each mattress.

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We are SO thankful to @serenesleepsolutions for her help with this big transition. If you need a Sleep Specialist, no matter the age of your babe or toddler, Lorraine is a fantastic resource!

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