Travel Essentials

We recently returned from a weekend trip to NYC. We drove to Toronto, then took a one-hour flight to New York. It was a quick trip but it was so much fun! These are a few items that we were so thankful for during our trip!

Firstly, we just started using our Fawn Design diaper bag and I have never owned a diaper bag that was so user friendly! It’s big, with so many compartments and can be used as a backpack or as a bag. The stroller hooks are perfect and hook on and off the bag easily. Plus it is so beautiful! You can buy it here.

These Aloe and Green Tea Face and Body wipes by J.R. Watkins smell and feel so incredible! It’s so nice after a being in the airport or on a flight to have something hydrating and refreshing to wipe your hands and face with! They also offer home care wipes as well as a men’s line and the ingredients are 98% natural! These are now a staple in our bag. You can buy them here.

I love L’occitanes products, and their products are all I use for my daily skincare routine. This Immortelle Precious Face Essential Mist is great for hydrating and toning on the go. It stays in my bag at all times! You can buy it here.

Lastly, we brought our travel sound machine by Dream Egg and used it every day and night. It has a battery backup that charged during the night while we were sleeping and then lasts 10-hours on one charge! It was fantastic in the hotel for helping drown out the never-ending New York noise and we hung it to the troller and used it on the go everyday for Sullivan’s naps. This sleep sound machine has 24 sounds, including 7 White Noise, 7 Fan Sounds, and 10 Nature sounds. Once we turned on the sound machine he fell asleep within ten minutes and had a 2+ hour nap each day. Thats a huge win on vacation in my opinion! You can buy it here.

Also huge thanks to Lynette from Serene Sleep Solutions for all of her tips for sleeping/napping while away on vacations. Her insight and experience as a Sleep Consultant allowed her to create a plan for us to assist in making the away-from-home experience as seamless as possible. Thanks Lynette! You can visit her site here.

Thanks for reading!



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