Baby Essentials

There were several items that we found useful during our year and a half of parenthood but a few items that we thought were absolutely necessary!

  1. The Love to Dream Swaddle was definitely one of our favourite items for Sullivan.  We received two as gifts and bought more so that we would have two in every size for those inevitable midnight blowouts throughout his first 4 months.  Sullivan never wanted to be swaddled with his arms at his side and would always un-wrap himself and end up with his hands beside his face so these were the perfect solution.  They prevented the startle reflex and made the many nighttime diaper changes an absolute breeze with the two-way zippers.

Love to Dream Swaddle

2.  This strolled has been phenomenal! The Bugaboo Donkey 2 is spacious and pushes like a dream which is fairly crucial in our ranging climate.  The bassinet was great when Sullivan was a baby and the transition over to the reclining seat was seamless and is extremely versatile.  Upright for looking around and reclining for nap time!  Forward-facing to check out the scenery and rear-facing to keep a close eye on Mommy and Daddy.  The possibilities are endless ESPECIALLY since you can pop out the side carrier and add a second seat (or bassinet)!  Perfect for a growing family. We still are using this stroller often!


Bugaboo Donkey 2

3. This Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator is something that we think is very crucial for that first newborn cold.  I have a friend who told me that we needed to buy this before our new bundle arrived but because I’m stubborn and refused to believe that our baby would ever get sick, did not listen! (stupidly). When Sullivan got his first cold at 1.5 months it hit hard, in the middle of the night and it was all kinds of stressful.  He couldn’t breathe and if he was reclined AT ALL he would start choking on mucous.  We seriously considering bringing him into emerge but decided to wait it our and see if we could get in to see our Family Physician in the morning. Travis and I sat in the bathroom with the shower running for almost two hours hoping that the steam would break it up and it did help, for a few hours anyways.  Anyways, immediately after seeing our doctor in the morning Travis went to buy one of these and what a lifesaver!  After saline drops, you literally insert one end of the aspirator into the baby’s nose, and the other into your mouth and suck, hard!  Mucous-be-gone! At nearly 20 months, we still use it every time he’s sick!


Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator

4. For newborns, the 4Moms- Mamaroo4 Plush was a lifesaver.  It allowed me to shower or get a few jobs done while the babe slept peacefully.  As Sullivan was a little bit older, he loved the music and mobile for entertainment and it was usually successful in putting him to sleep. Once Sullivan was big enough to roll we had to put it away but it was wonderful while we could use it!


Mamaroo Plush

5. Dream Egg Sound Machine

We are obsessed with this sound machine, it has SO many sound options and the nightlight is awesome, just the perfect amount of ambient light. There’s 30,60 and 90 minute timer settings or you can toggle to continuous. There are 24 sounds including lullabies, nature, rain and fan sounds. The only thing I don’t like is that we didn’t get it until over a year and a half! It would have been the perfect amount of light/sound when I was nursing him when he was little.

6. The Halo Bassinest is life.  Pure newborn perfection.  The numerous settings, sounds, swivel, lights, and overall design sure made those first few (sleepless) months simpler and oh so convenient.


Halo Bassinest-Premiere

7. The 4Moms- Breeze Playard has made travelling a breeze, pardon the pun.  While we have never used it as a playpen, it has been used countless times for naps and nights while visiting family or at hotels.  It folds with such ease it honestly takes less than a minute to set up/pack up.  The newborn insert was perfect when Sullivan was little and once he began sitting up and the insert was no longer suitable we put it away and just use the regular mattress pad which also doubles as your box.


Breeze Playard

8. MAM Glow in the Dark Pacifiers- If your little one likes a soother at bedtime, after trying many, MANY soothers, this one is our favourite. The main reason we love it is because it glows in the dark which is amazing because when they lose it, instead of crawling around on your hands and knees to find it in the middle of the night you can see it immediately.

*All opinions are my own.*

*Most images via Google

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